Project Description

The Garage

About the Exhibit

Pick up an instrument, crank up the volume and make your own music in the museum. Designed to evoke the birthplace of rock bands for decades, The Garage is where you can make music inspired by the greats.

The Garage consists of five main areas: Fans can pick up real instruments, learn to play, jam with friends, brand your band with custom merchandise, and check out great gear and instruments from the Museum’s collection.

Authentic Experience

The Garage exhibit is the most popular exhibit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has ever had. It is the only exhibit that in the same visit fans will come back to after finishing touring the museum. We prototyped many iterations on what the Garage could be, and it became clear that the Garage needed to be authentic. No light up keys, or Guitar Hero notes, or AutoTune.

We used Unity to program the interactives, and used SendMidi paired with PedalBoard and Reaper to switch between different VST plugins. OBS and a Python app was used to capture the Jam Space, For the Brand Your Band interactive we used Unity, Python, an industrial label printer, and a WordPress site so fans could make up their own band names and design a band logo. They get two free stickers with their band logo and can even buy their own Print on Demand merch from a custom integration with Printful.

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