Project Description

Approaching a Black Hole

Building Excitement!

Nobel laureate approved table top prototype exhibit for the nascent Princeton Einstein Museum of Science. It explains the effect an observer hears as someone else approaches a black hole. Play with the prototype and you’ll find that the iPad narration slows down or speeds up depending on its distance from the “black hole” speaker.

Augmented Reality

We built this AR iPad app for the Princeton Einstein Museum to show investors the possibilities for what the museum could be.

We modified a spherical Bluetooth speaker to act as a physical model of a black hole. When the app is first opened it will prompt the user to scan the room, and then tap the black hole.

The app then tracks the distance of the iPad to the black hole. We use that distance to adjust the pitch and display the distance in kilometers to the Black Hole. The closer you get to the iPad the slower the audio gets.

This app was built using Unity and ARKit.

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