Project Description

Hall of Human Life

About the Exhibit

Should you have your baby’s DNA sequenced? What keeps you awake? How efficient is your walk? Step inside the Hall of Human Life, the Boston Museum of Science’s new biology exhibition, and encounter such far-reaching questions on an amazing journey inside the human body. Spanning more than 70 interactive components, the exhibition will revolutionize how you engage with your biology and manage your health.

Through digital media and personal interaction, you become “part of the story,” as you contribute your own data and perspectives in an unending process of learning and discovery.

User Tracking

Each interactive in the Hall of Human Life requires the visitor to scan themselves in using a unique barcode on their wristband. Upon completing the interactive the visitor can see how they stack up compared to other museum visitors. Each interactive also creates a piece of user generated content that is stored online and sent to the visitor after their visit.

These interactives utilize a local database, and were programmed using openFrameworks and Unity.

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